Chris bourke named as new minister

Chris bourke named as new minister

A new minister has been named to lead the government’s efforts to bring a bill to parliament to protect children from sex-related abuse.

John Miller, a former Labour housing minister, is to be given responsibility for child protection after the government was unable to reach a deal with crossbench peers to fund the legislation.

Mr Miller said the bill represented a landmark opportunity for his party and called on MPs to support his plans to protect children in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal engulfing the Church of Scientology.

A statement said: “John Miller will bring a fresh, innovative approach to child protection in today’s deeply flawed legislation and will continue our work to ensure that every child has the support and safety that they need and deserve.

“The introduction of this bill demonstrates the Go우리카지노vernment’s determination to tackle the scale of child abuse in this country.”

Conservative peer Lord Fowler said: “I look forward to working closely with his colleagues on the government and with MPs from all parties and the parliamentary public to ensure this important issue receives t바카라he necessary attention and support.

“John Miller should look forward with enthusiasm to working alongside with us, both in government and across Parliament, to achieve the most effective and comprehensive response to the crisis.

“We hope that he will have the honour of being the minister of child protection for this parliament in all its aspects and I look forward to seeing him in Parliament with us in the weeks and months ahead.”

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said the new minister’s commitment to tackling child sexual abuse “comes just days after another shocking child sex abuse scandal has emerged”.

A report revealed more than 100 children were exploited at the controversial cult, now believed to be operating in 10 different countries. The cult allegedly has links to the Church of Scientology in Britain.

The government announced today that a crossbench group of MPs will also meet to discuss the abuse and the new minister will be asked to provide evidence of the cult’s links with its London headquarters.

The report was carried out by the Guardian for the first time but was obtained by The Independent.

Lord Fowler, who was chairman of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) when it was set up to addres우리카지노s the problems of online abuse, said there were concerns that some children had been used as human sex slaves, as well as being threatened and “raped”.

One of the victims, now eight, said the abuse led to her being forced to drink bee

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